Recent Development Projects

Some highlights from recent client work with my clients in Finland which has been mostly e-commerce related with small-to-mid size retail businesses but also with some startup and corporate clients.

WordPress Gutenberg Plugin


Built a ad-tech metadata and publication workflow related editor sidebar plugin for classic editor and later improved it with native Gutenberg block editor support using modern React based front-end tooling. Released on WordPress plugin directory 2023/01. Development continued past 1.0 by team at Tacit Space Oy with ChatGPT AI Writer focused features. Core ad-tech functionality is being utilised in some of the largest Finnish WordPress publications.
Javascript (ES6)

Odoo POS WooCommerce integration

2020 – 2021

With existing WooCommerce POS solutions failing in performance or customization options, something heavier was needed and Odoo CE ERP was chosen to be run locally on client premises with it’s well battle tested POS module.

In this project I built a minimal integration with WooCommerce as the master database and customizing the POS module features to match client requirements, including custom rounding rules from e-commerce prices, receipt and POS report layouts for Finnish regulations.

Rest Api

WooCommerce store development and upkeep

Initially in 2017 I got my feet wet with WordPress by migrating over 10+ year old and heavy Magento store with 100 000+ variations into a newly made WooCommerce installation. During project learned plenty about WordPress hosting, database internals and it’s performance bottlenecks and remedies. While focusing on larger stores, I have also worked on integrations, custom functionalities and hosting of multiple smaller stores. Yearly gross turnover for stores I work with is between 2M-3M EUR.


Hacklab Jyväskylä website design 2020

Taking part in city’s thriving hackerspace culture since 2012 I had an honor to renovate the aging WordPress site with a more current technology base. In addition to the website design I built some custom integrations for showing current visitor status on the header and for passing daily site visitor counts to Grafana info panel. Project is documented in more detail in a Hacklab Jkl community meetup video.

Some collaborative WordPress work references are included also at


Kuittiskanneri 2014

Full-stack “Receipt Scanner” web application for web development course at University of Jyväskylä. Application allows taking pictures of receipts with computer or smartphone and uses OCR to read image text content and saves them to database. It has nice UI with auto-complete, graphs and animations.

Friend helped out with the machine vision library integration etc. Source code is available at Github and there’s a demo video on Youtube.