I’m constantly upgrading my knowledge on software engineering and other interesting topics. This page has some breadcrumbs around web of what I have been interested about the latest.

Latest web bookmarks

I’ve been using Diigo since 2012 for collecting links and I treat the feed it creates as something I’m sharing to people and try to include some meaningful comments. It’s directly accessible via RSS feed (I use Feedly).

Latest starred repos on Github

Counts 1500+ Github projects stumbled upon which sounded cool or useful. I did not clone or try to run most of them, but some that I do are on my “utilites”, “wp” and “av” lists.

Last books read

Some main books of 2020 that I’ve spent multiple days or weeks learning. Mostly work related, but also some for interest as hobbyist or for future proofing my skillset.

Podman in Action (2022) [Walsh]

Open Source OCI container and Kubernetes runtime for updating current server software workflows.

alias docker=podman

Debian 11 Administrator Handbook (2022) [Hertzog, Mash]

Good Linux book covering most use scenarios with the biggest community distribution.

Professional WordPress Plugin Development (2020) [Williams, Tadlock, Jacoby]

Full WP plugin building guide before Gutenberg/React came along.

Odoo 15 Development Essentials (2022) [Reis, Mader]

Plugin development intro to Odoo (CE) having relatively little online documentation.

Proxmox PVE 7 Admin Guide (2022) [Proxmox Server Solutions GmbH]

Advanced data center KVM virtualisation OS for home and cloud.

Django 4 By Example (2022) [Mele]

Learning something more advanced to step out of WordPress restrictions.

Fundamentals of Database Systems 6th edition (2010) [Elmasri, Navathe]

Still refer to 6th edition with earlier pdf comments written during IT classes.

The Nokia Revolution (2001) [Steinbock]

Understanding older Finnish tech generation better through this book while reading it for fun.

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